Pleijsier Bouw brings your design to life

Designs and ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you are pretty sure your design can be executed in practice, other times you might want to wait to hear what an experienced builder’s has to say about it.  A builder who appreciates your design and understands your philosophy. A drawing does not just come out of the blue; it is the result of a long process. In that case, Pleijsier Bouw is the builder you are looking for. We will handle your ideas with care, but always based on a realistic vision. A vision that is based on many years of experience and knowledge of the constructional possibilities; without shying away from new challenges. ‘Construction is about being pro-active’ we call this at Pleijsier Bouw.

Looking for the best solution together

Between your first sketch and the actual development lies a period of intensive collaboration. Cooperating with your customer and with Pleijsier Bouw. After all, each party has its own ideas, wishes and experiences. We welcome the challenge to look for practical solutions within the framework of your design. Whether it concerns material choices or execution methods. The end goal? Making the original plans feasible in such a way that it pleases all parties. And thanks to our peoples’ professional knowledge we have always been able to accomplish this!