Pleijsier Bouw thinks things through with you from A to Z

Building or renovating a commercial property is not something you do every day. That makes it a busy and exciting time. And that is exactly when you want to work with a party that thinks things through with you. Someone who can act as your advisor, but also as your sounding board. Pleijsier Bouw is the party you are looking for. We offer advice concerning easy operation of your building, but also we can act as reminder if and when necessary. And if you have an innovative idea, we will be happy to look into the possibilities for you. `Construction is about being pro-active’ has not been our favourite slogan for years without good reason.

Direct contact with the builder

At Pleijsier Bouw we like to keep things clear and concise. Why make it difficult if it can be easy? This is reflected in our no-nonsense mentality and short lines of communication.  We don’t have dozens of advisors, but one building team equipped with the necessary knowledge of everything involving construction.  How did we gain this knowledge? From our 100 years of expertise and experience. And we are more than willing to share our knowledge with you.

Our expertise becomes your expertise

Sometimes during the building process you are faced with difficult questions. “What is a good housing location, which architect best meets my needs and what kind of maintenance will this building require?”  These are all questions Pleijsier Bouw has heard and answered before.  That gives us the expertise we will gladly put to use for you. Even for complicated financial issues. That’s how our expertise automatically becomes your expertise.

Building does not have to be complicated

“So much information, so many things I have to think of, a planning that is overrun”. These are just a couple of the remarks we hear from companies. And that’s unfortunate, because building and renovating a commercial property doesn’t have to be that complicated. Pleijsier Bouw welcomes the challenge to keep the building process as simple as possible.  How? By reducing complex information into concrete priorities. Tangible information that you can relate to. Thanks to this approach, the construction of your commercial property will become a clear process that holds no surprises. And we will guarantee you that in the end you will only be able to agree.