Accredited training company:

The Fundeon Knowledge Centre for vocational education for Construction and Infrastructure awarded Pleijsier Bouw with the title ‘accredited training company’. That means that MBO (vocational education) students Construction or Infrastructure can learn the trade in practice at our company. This way we can help ensure that there will be sufficient well-educated professionals available in years to come.  This work-based learning programme in the form of an apprenticeship or internship is a significant part of the secondary vocational education.  Students are only allowed to take part is this work-based training at an accredited training company. Also see:

Conscious Constructors:

Pleijsier Bouw is a Conscious Constructor. What does that mean? `Conscious Constructors’ is a code of conduct for construction sites that is awarded by the Conscious Constructors Foundation. This code of conduct aims to improve the image of the construction industry andprofessionalise environmentalmanagement. The Conscious Constructors Foundation evaluates constructions sites based on a number of criteria related to ‘Conscious Construction’ in the broadest sense of the word.
The code of conduct is based on five pillars, including: awareness, safety, tidiness, the environment and social awareness. You can read more about the code of conduct at:

VCA Certificate:

For many years now, Pleijsier Bouw has been in possession of the VCA certificate. Translated, VCA stands for the Safety, Health and the Environment Checklist for Contractors and is intended to make us work more safely and reduce the number of accidents. This is a multi-purpose programme that reviews and certifies service companies based on their HSE-management system.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. In accordance with this standard we have formally recorded our quality policy in writing. Moreover, we expect our employees to effectively observe this policy. In order to be able to guarantee this for the future we make sure we consistently measure our customer satisfaction. In addition, our company is reviewed annually, both internally and externally. That way we can exactly see whether or not we still meet the standards. If necessary, we make sure that any deficiencies are immediately improved.

ISO 14001

Our environment management system (ISO 14001) is part of our ISO 9001 management system. In our operations we pay structural attention to the environment. And we strive to permanently improve our sustainable performance. That means that we monitor our waste flows and seriously look at reusing materials. Also, we try to reduce energy usage as much as possible and apply our knowledge to realise buildings that are increasingly sustainable.  This is how we contribute – step by step – to a sustainable future!


BREEAM is an assessment method to determine the sustainability performance in buildings. That works as follows: BREEAM sets the standards that sustainable buildings have to meet and subsequently indicates at what performance level the building they evaluated is at. This is how BREEAM analyses and improves the sustainability performance in buildings. Pleijsier Bouw is used to building in accordance with the BREEAM-certificate. In various projects since certification, we have been able to execute projects that were awarded the BREEAM-label `Very good‘. For a large part this is the result of our ISO-14001 and the FSC certificates. After all, all of our processes and working methods already are organised according to the required standards. If you are interested in reading more about BREEAM, please go to: