First assignment in 1903,

On March 3, 1903 Jan Mol from Genemuiden was the lowest bidder in the harbour renovation project in Elburg and was awarded the assignment. That moment marked the beginning of a new company. Back then, contractor Jan Mol concentrated primarily on civil engineering work and every now and then the company executed the occasional job in the civilian and non-residential construction sector. The venture had a large working area that extended from the Zuiderzeekust (later the Zuiderzeepolders) to North West Overijssel and Twente.

The name `Pleijsier’ was introduced to the company

In 1939, founder Jan Mol sr. resigned as owner. After that, the company continued under the name J. and T. Mol, and was led by his sons Jan and Teunis. Shortly after WW II the name Pleijsier appeared. It was Willem Pleijsier (and later on also his father Jochem Pleijsier) who joined the company as a carpenter. That eventually led to a merger (1958), and Willem Pleijsier and Teunis Mol continued under the name ‘Mol en Pleijsier’. In those days, their circle of clients consisted primarily of existing relations, including a number of water authorities.

From father to son

In 1963, Willem’s son `Henk Pleijsier’ joined the company. He took over in 1973. From then on, the company started to focus more and more on non-residential construction and many new relationships were created.  Gradually the company’s focus started to shift. That was most clearly demonstrated in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, when civil engineering work was increasingly being replaced by non-residential construction jobs. Although, just like in the early years, the company still conducts some civil engineering work.

Mergers and new developments

In 1990 Henk Pleijsier decided to take over the contracting company J.H. Nieboer in Nijkerk. This company was called Nieboer and Co. and had the same signature as Mol and Pleijsier. Five years after the merger, the time was ripe for new Pleijsier blood in the company and son Winno Pleijsier joined the Executive Board. In the same period, the Executive Board decided to work under a mutual name for the construction companies. This resulted in the company’s current name `Pleijsier Bouw”. And the story doesn’t end here! In the year 2000, the Executive Board also decided to take over construction company Gerards-Timmer from Harderwijk. A company component that would be incorporated in Pleijsier Bouw Nijkerk just four years after that.

It is not until 2007 that Henk’s other son, Robert Pleijsier joins the Executive Board. In that year Pleijsier Bouw and PaletBouw entered into a collaboration agreement under the name `Pleijsier Kleinbouw’ (now Pleijsier Bouw en Onderhoud). All the smaller construction companies and the larger service activities including all the employees that worked in these areas were brought together in the company with the name Pleijsier Kleinbouw.

Pleijsier Nowadays

Today’s Pleijsier Bouwgroep concentrates primarily on non-residential construction throughout the Netherlands. The company’s daily management is made up by general director Robert Pleijsier and financial director Kees van de Linde. Each subsidiary has a manager who is responsible for daily business; Ben Hokse in Genemuiden, and Robert Pleijsier in Nijkerk. Today’s Pleijsier Bouwgroep stands out from the competition thanks to its professionalism, personal commitment and keen eye for sustainability and innovation. These core values are also substantiated by the various certificates that Pleijsier Bouw has been awarded. For instance, Pleijsier Bouw was recently awarded the extended NEN-EN-ISO-9001 and VCA** certificate and the ISO-14001 certificate (2014).