Down to earth, committed and innovative

Pleijsier Bouw is a family business with over 100 years of history. That, in combination with our roots in the northeastern part of the country, gives us a unique basis. A basis where being down to earth, committed and honest are key. Emphasized by today’s modern outlook. So, what does that generate? It generates clear communications, transparency and the certainty that you will get what we promised you within the time frame that we agreed to. And as a result of our modern outlook we can continue to guarantee this. For example through ICT, which gives our employees the opportunity to have direct access to all the construction and process information they need.  Which in turn guarantees a streamlined construction process.

Small and large projects, far away and nearby.

Our philosophy is widely commended.  This is reflected in the realization of small and large projects. Both in the Randstad conurbation as well as in areas near our subsidiaries in Nijkerk and Genemuiden. That’s why we call ourselves a medium-sized construction company that operates nationally. A construction company with a focus on `Non-residential construction’. This means that our day-to-day activities revolve around building distribution centres, offices, collective shared buildings, megastores, apartments and hotels.  In addition, we are very adept at executing conversion plans and renovation projects. If you are interested in hearing more about what we do, please go to our reference page where you will find an impression of our work!

Distinctive by anticipating our clients’ wishes

Pleijsier Bouw is a construction company with history. Builders with over 100 years of experience. As a result, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge about construction. We would like to share that knowledge with you.  We do that by thinking difficult building issues through with you and by offering you sound advice. If necessary, we can even offer our assistance for housing and financial issues. Assistance that can start as soon as the very first design is made.  ‘Construction is about being pro-active’ we call this at Pleijsier Bouw.