Building together differently.

Construction is all about communication

Working with Pleijsier Bouw, means working with a building company that is different from the rest. Whatever we build, we do it with you! And this is precisely the essence: because building means cooperating, the common thread being a transparent communication.

Building means making plans

“Before we choose a contractor, we must at least know what we want: a new building, an expansion or maybe a relocation.”  This is what we often hear from our clients. However, nothing could be further from the truth.. Ask us for our opinion on redevelopment of existing locations or enquire about the possibility to exchange. Our unbiased take on the subject can lead to surprising new perspectives.

Construction is about being pro-active

“The blueprint is ready, the architect is prepared, and the contractor has been selected.” This means we are ready to lay the first stone, construction can start. This is not one of our quotes; this is a typical preconceived notion that is entirely alien to us. Because we believe that cooperation will lead to magnificent results. That’s why we like to work with you – from the onset of a project through to completion. From design to construction, from planning to development, from financing to realisation. Because our knowledge is not for us to keep to ourselves, our knowledge is for sharing.

Building means making agreements

“We have ordered the builder, they are hard at work. As far as I can see, we are on schedule.” An excerpt that demonstrates over and over again how important clear and transparent communication is.  We believe this is the basis for a successful construction project. Because a successful construction process requires more than just the order to start building and a once-only planning. It requires frequent contact, precise calculations and correct, exact planning.